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Yada Vasupongchai

“I’ve been in Conway for a year and a half, but before my home was Bangkok, the capitol of Thailand. When I think of home… miss my family ….and the food- since I was born I’d always have dinner with my family. My favorite is, a little hard to describe, normal typical Thai food like "kaeng khiao wan" or green curry.”


“I started to compete when I was seven, but I  tennis is something I started playing when I was five. Without it, I don’t know-, I like to say that everything I have today, I have because of tennis, it’s a big part of my life and allowed me the opportunity to study. All the stamps in my passport are from tennis”

“For me home is not really about ‘place’, it’s more about people, and I’m so lucky that my tennis team is more like a family. We’re not just teammates, or roommates, we care about each other so much. From the coaches, and assistant coaches and even teachers”

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