Dr. Masiku Gausi

“I’ve lived in many different places, but I don’t think that I’ve call many of them home. I’d Say Lusaka Zambia is the one place that I’d call home… for the fact that that’s where I grew up  and spent most of my life as a child and young adult before I came here. Migration is a part of my family history, my mothers family originated from Malawi, out of a family of nine half of her family was born in Malawi and the other half in Zambia, and in the end half of them stayed in Malawi and the other half in Zambia. So my mother was a migrant. All of my siblings, myself included have spread out and settled in countries other than Zambia.”


“In my experience migration has been enlightening and inspiring; getting a different view of the world and perspectives has done a lot for me as a person. I think it gives you a certain wisdom and appreciation for people, for their cultures and for life that you might not have if you’ve always lived in the same place. When we moved from Botswana, they allow you two suitcases. Everything we’d accumulated had to be condensed into a few suitcases and we started over. It wasn’t necessarily easy in our late thirties, but we’ve been fortunate in that it worked out the way we’d hoped”

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figurative & portraiture artist

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