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Marie Wonkoye

“I currently live here in Conway Arkansas and this is my fourth year [at UCA]. I’m from Niger and I was living in the capitol, which is Niamey… I wanted to study in a different environment, first of all because I was interested in English and the language, but I also wanted to pursue a career in medicine and because of the advancements of medicine here, I thought I’d be able to bring that home.”


“I’m learning more about American culture, more about  how people think of us as Africans, and about the things that I had biases about before my time here… like assuming that everywhere looked like the large cities that are shown on television. At first it prevented me from really connecting with people, but being able to drop those ideas that I had and listen to people speak about their experiences helped me better understand better how things are different… how much more than what we see on TV can be true. From a cultural perspective, I appreciate the encouragement people have to pursue their passions, what you want to achieve“

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