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Christina Gomes

“I moved here ten years ago, and I live in Conway Arkansas. I was born in Bangladesh, which is my native country, and then when I  was a year old my family moved to Saudi Arabia and I pretty much grew up there. I went to school there and graduated high school and then I moved to Arkansas when I was seventeen I moved to Arkansas. We would visit [Bangladesh] every two or three years, over Christmas and from that time I remember fireworks, and sweets and time spent with my cousins. My memories from Saudi involve some of my close school friends form the private school I attended”


“Since I was looking to pursue my higher education I was motivated to move; my sister lives in Little Rock and I was seeking a better life… it definitely feels like I can do more here. I think it’s [being in the US] has been a positive experience so far. As a woman, I can do anything, I can study anything when I want to work, that’s a choice available to me; I can choose the way I want to live my life.”


“I miss my mother’s cooking the most, my parents when they’re not visiting. And wedding season, because we get to dress up in my traditional clothes”

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